Gifts + decoration for Eastern, Birthday, Family celebration, Mothersday and Christmas

Secret Santa (Julklapp) with a difference: For family celebrations at Eastern or for a party

Wichtel Presents Game (top card game for Easter - spring - christmas) The year 2019 is probably the year of the goblin, wizards and trolls. Everywhere they reach the eye, they are already standing there causing a grin in the viewer's face. The trolls and goblin or also called Wichtel. What was once the smurfs and garden dwarfs, are today the funny wizards. Whether as a decoration for spring at low temperatures or as a small surprise for Easter.

We specialize in unique gifts and decorative items outside the mainstream. Whether for customer loyalty or for private use. The products are ideal as a birthday gift and Easter gift with which you score points depending on the product group in the recipient. Original - individual - unique to the recipient. Or to the different occasions such as engagements, weddings, Easter, Pentecost, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or Father's Day.

Take a discovery tour and be inspired by the many possibilities for a great gift; e.g. our Naturdeco "goose", the boxset "SPIRIT"  for relaxation and meditation or our exclusive motivation sets for man or woman or the new card game "Wichtel Presents Game".

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Miniature Manga Art Art Set with wooden articulated limbs doll
20,00 EUR
Shippingtime: ca. 1-3 days


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